New Album ‘Turning Point’ Coming February 26

The long wait is nearly over! Chuck is excited to announce he will release his second full-length album, Turning Point, on February 26, 2016! The album will contain eleven songs.

CD copies will be available for pre-order in December while the digital version of the album will be available for pre-order via iTunes and other outlets in mid-January.

If I had one statement around this new record it’s, ‘Hey, I’m back, but I never really went anywhere.’ This is only my second full-length album. I wanted to write songs that vocally show where I am now because I’m in a different place than I was on the first record. I’ve grown so much as a person and I’ve grown stylistically. I’ve come into a new space and I think this record is going to show that,” Chuck explained.

Chuck, who has recently had songs cut by Jason Aldean, the Swon Brothers, Frankie Ballard and Steve Holy, is proud to have co-written every song on the upcoming album. “I have a lot of creative interests but the one thing remains consistent is my songwriting. I’ve been working harder than ever on my craft and I think this album reflects that,” said Chuck.

The track listing for the album is:

1. She’s Gone
2. Fix Me
3. Us Again
4. Whole Damn Thing
5. Tell Me
6. Saturday Afternoon
7. I Don’t Do Lonely Well
8. Salt Life
9. Always
10. Whatcha Got Girl
11. Over You Gettin’ Over Me

Mark you calendars for February 26! Then follow Chuck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more announcements soon, including how you can be among the first to pre-order Turning Point.

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  1. Elizabeth Keefe

    soo i can’t wait (:

  2. Nikole Bohn

    I’ve been waiting for years for you to release Whole Damn Thing! It is such an amazing song! Cannot wait to hear the rest

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